About Us

Our Mission is simple… to help people find their way back to optimal health through drugless modalities that offer the greatest healing.

Not so easy in today’s complex world.

We have come so far in our understanding of the human body and human mind.  Science has offered opportunities in healing for which we can be grateful. Much of our understanding of medical science today has its foundations from the work of  great scientists and inventors of the past such as Max Gerson, Royal Rife, Linus Pauling, Albert Einstein, Hans Nieper, Nikola Tesla,  Hippocrates, Joseph Lister to name a few.  Without the discoveries of these people as our guides and mentors we would find it very difficult to forge ahead with research into drugless therapies and treatments.  Because of ”maverick” researchers and scientists willing to take chances, who were bold and focused on their work, even while some were being persecuted, we have choices we never thought existed.  Thanks to their documented  discoveries, we can now carry on their remarkable innovations and open the door to a world full of opportunities and possibilities.

So it goes in the field of drugless medicine.  Many have forged ahead in the face of adversity so that we can have choices in how we manage our health.

We are not here to convince anyone what they should do with their good health or lack of it.  We are here simply to offer you a choice.

Robert Wickman, D.O. is one of those doctors that is carrying on the work of those greats from the past.  He  first began his approach to health like most doctors, trying drugs to heal as he was taught, within that medical paradigm, however, it seemed that real healing was quite elusive.  Chasing symptoms rather than finding causes created many challenges that were difficult to overcome, if not impossible for many ill patients.  So, shifting gears and looking for other methods seemed the logical next step.

Our immune system is not without many ways to combat illness, it is the great protector.  Dr. Wickman understands that our immune system has an innate intelligence to heal.  It “knows” what it should be doing every minute of every day of our lives.  It is in essence intuitive and has no problem repairing issues…until the burden is overwhelming and affects the functions of our immune cells.

The great thing about Dr. Wickman’s protocols is that it can allow the immune system to do its job correctly even before you are labeled with a disease.  That is to say, anyone can utilize these protocols to gain more optimal health and potentially ward off any dis-ease that may show up in the future.  Please see our more detailed explanation of Dr. Wickman’s treatments on this website.

The fact that Dr. Wickman was so dedicated to his patients and their true healing, gave way to his unique and successful healing protocols.  Dr. Wickman’s big heart and love of people has saved and improved the quality of life for many with cancer (many forms), diabetes, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, tumors, fungal infections and the list goes on.  He views his position with high regard for human life and takes very seriously the Hippocratic Oath he took many years ago when sworn in as a new, young doctor.

His life’s mission continues to be healing men, women and children through drugless practices.