Chelation Therapy

One of our treatment modalities is chelation therapy. This therapy is old and has been tried and proven to work in most cases. A synthetic protein, EDTA, is infused into the vein along with minerals and vitamins to slowly remove the unwanted calcium deposits from the walls of the arteries where they have been deposited. The process is much like an ice cube melting. Nothing breaks off to move around and become lodged in another part of the circulatory system.

In order to successfully undergo this treatment, the kidneys must to be in good condition because the unwanted calcium and heavy metals such as lead, aluminum, mercury, and nickel are expelled from the body through the kidneys.

Having these items residing in the circulatory system causes poor circulation. This results in low oxygen concentrations to vital organs contributing to the cause of many diseases.

Chelation has been proven safe and effective in its ability to increase circulation without surgery. This illustrates another way in which the body can heal itself through careful guidance from the physician.